Understanding Recovery Homes

According to the American Addiction Centers, more than 20 million Americans aged 12 and up suffered from substance abuse in 2017. Of those, only 4 million, or 19{65e79b32a712058670338e0120923b4518db335aa4b45ae9f4bb4cf8e1daea83} received treatment, with 40-60{65e79b32a712058670338e0120923b4518db335aa4b45ae9f4bb4cf8e1daea83} expected to relapse at some point in their lives. While treatable, substance abuse is a battle sufferers will fight for their entire lives, and ensuring successful recovery includes a range of options that prepares former addicts for a fulfilling life without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

Prerequisites for Life in a Recovery Home

Many may be familiar with the image of an alcoholic or drug addict suffering through withdrawal before participating in a 12-step program and intensive therapy. Further images may conjure meetings at churches where participants sit in a circle declaring themselves addicts before discussing their most recent challenges. These steps towards recovery are vital to the success of the individual sufferers, but one of the most critical parts of the process for many is their living situation and the transition into the real world once they are clean.

Recovery Home Benefits

Recovery homes are designed as a transition space between becoming physically free from addiction and staying mentally clean as the individual moves on with their everyday lives. For many, moving back into the environment from which they emerged can trigger relapses into their old ways. By living in a recovery house in Arlington VA or other locations, they are among others on the same journey and have easy access to resources such as additional recovery programs and meetings, counseling, employment resources, and legal help.

A good recovery home is one that provides many of the same functions and amenities as any other typical home. Those living there become a sort of family with easy access to counseling and meetings, technology for easy connection to family, friends, and job opportunities, and most importantly, the tools needed to cope with the challenges of the real world in preparation for a clean and fulfilling life.