3 Types of Reconstruction Surgery Available

Often, surgery is tied to procedures for patients who seek to change their appearance or regain their youthful glow in their face or body. Surgery can also be used for reconstruction purposes. If you have been involved in an accident, or you developed a disease that resulted in a deformation, trained plastic surgeons, like facial plastic surgery durham nc, are equipped to restore the affected areas of your body.

Before your chosen plastic surgeon begins any procedure, he will sit down with you for a consultation. You must be in good health in order to undergo any surgical procedure. You must also have realistic expectations of the potential results.

Here are three types of reconstruction surgical procedures available to patients.


Potentially the most common reconstructive surgical procedure is breast reconstruction. Now that breast cancer is being detected sooner, and patients are surviving the disease, when the breasts must be removed, the area can be reconstructed. Reconstruction surgery gives patients affected by cancer the opportunity to feel like themselves once again afterwards. As the medical field continues to research and technology lends a hand by improving equipment, this type of procedure is becoming more effective, less invasive and longer lasting.

For women whose breasts become an impairment due to size, breast reduction procedures are also at their disposal.

If you have been in an accident or other situation that left behind highly visible scars, a trained plastic surgeon can assess the area and offer a plan of action to help the scars fade or remove them all together. Often, their goal will be to blend the skin so that the tone matches the rest of the body. While scars can be highly unpredictable, if there is a chance for success, trained medical professionals are willing to offer a solution.


A reconstructive surgical procedure that is gaining steam is Labiaplasty. Known as vaginal rejuvenition, it shortens the labia minora for female patients.

For more information about reconstructive surgical procedures, knowledgeable facial plastic surgery durham nc professionals are available to answer your questions.