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Some Interesting Facts About Origami

The art of paper folding has long been a popular hobby among a lot of people until now and this is what you call Origami that is considered to be one of the oldest crafts of all time.

What you need to know about Origami is the fact that until now, its origins are something that still a lot of people are not so sure of. Now, the only sure thing will be the place and time that paper first came to light and it will be in China when it was about the first century A.D. After some time, Buddhist monks then went to Japan during the sixth century A.D. and then decided to bring along with them this great invention. Of course, this goes to say that the paper folding art you call Origami can never really be said to have originated either in the country of China or in the country of Japan at all. Nevertheless, considering Origami as a high form of art expression was only made possible by the Japanese themselves. You see, even the word Origami is one that has come from the Japanese themselves. If you will be diving the terms ‘oru’ and ‘kami’ from the word Origami, you will be getting the meanings of ‘to fold’ and ‘paper’, respectively.

During events that need gifts to be given, a lot of school children make sure to take advantage of the art of paper folding or Origami. For a lot of teachers, they also teach their students the art of paper folding as this has been shown to be just not that expensive that will allow them to bond better with their students. Most of the time, in terms of being in classrooms, the most common type of Origami art form that you will be coming across will be the paper airplanes that happen to be done without any approval from the teacher but still Origami can be used to make extensive art out of animals, toys, boats, and birds.

If you will be looking at the various Origami subjects that are out there, you will notice that birds have become the number one design in Origami as the Oriental culture consider birds to represent the culture that they have. As you hone your skills in Origami, you will even be having a breeze making various animals using your paper folding techniques and even just about any stuff that you get to see in your surroundings in more ways than one.

Just like all other art forms out there, you will notice that Origami has its own set of unique terminologies. If you happen to be getting the hang of Origami, you will be learning the terminologies such as valley fold, bird base, mountain fold, as well as square base. The paper folding possibilities are endless when you will be able to combine a wide range of folds and bases that you might have for your own set of Origami skills.

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