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Information on How You Are Supposed to Treat Cold Sores

More than half of the population in the United States has the virus that causes the occurrence of cold sores. When you have a cold, that makes you sneeze and sniffle, but that is not what causes cold sores. Cold blisters which are also referred to as fever blisters can be unappealing, disturbing and take an extended period of healing. You can always look for medication whenever you are affected by these blisters. There are various ways in which you can treat the blisters but one of the most important things that you have to do is to stop touching them because they can get worse with frequent touching. There are methods to get rid of your cold sores fast before they affect you more and even spread to others. Medication is important when you have blisters.

A virus can only be treated using an antivirus, and that is the reason why if you consult a doctor, that is what they will recommend to you. There are various medications that the doctor can suggest for your use and that will depend on your body’s condition and also the severity of the sores. When you take some of these over the counter medications to lighten cold sore symptoms, that can assist to minimize pain and swelling which is as a result of cold sores. The other step that you can take in treating your blisters is the use of oils and creams, and this is especially important if the blisters have become painful and dry. Creams and oils are many, and that should make it easy for you to know which one is suitable for you. Peppermint, witch hazel, lemon balm, and coconut are some of the known topical oils.

When using some of these creams, make sure that you apply directly to the sore so that the healing can be fast. Depending on the diet that you are on, your cold sores can easily be eliminated. Vitamins are found in different foods, and that can greatly improve the infection-fighting cells in the body. The various vitamins are also available in supplements and oil, and you can confirm from the internet which supplements and oils have vitamins that you can consume. Cold compresses are useful in assisting to reduce the swelling which comes as a result of the cold sores.

You can even place an ice cube to the infected area, and that can assist to reduce the swelling and redness. You should also avoid touching the cold sores with hot liquids because that will make them more painful. The use of sunscreen is a good idea because that will reduce the number of outbreaks. Apply sunscreen to your lips and make sure that your hands are clean.