Looking On The Bright Side of Mentors

How Can An Individual Know The Best Spiritual Teacher.

There is a time that an individual needs some advice in regards to spiritual life. With the guidance from God an individual gets a teacher sent to him. God also lead people to go and choose certain books that will enable them to be aware of the life of the spirit. Getting the right spiritual teacher becomes a difficult task due to many dominations. Claims about being aware of spiritual life by different people is found in many cases.

What God wish is to see individuals encouraging other people to follow the way of Christ. The best thing that God sees is when an individual look for him so that he can guide the in their life. However, different things has come in the world that prevents individual from following deeds that are spiritual. Guiding individuals on the spiritual way is what many hypocrites cheat other people. Preaching and praying in a certain style is what is found in these individuals claiming that they are holier than anyone else. They do all this because they want to get some fame while others do it for financial benefit.

Some individuals who open their churches to go and preach to people do not know anything about God. They spend most of their time going through the books to ensure that they have something to tell the people. Money to use on their personal needs is gotten from the tithes given by people at the church. A good spiritual teacher should always give the word of God as well as go deep to the meaning. Having another verse that second the one he will give to the audience should be in the mind of a spiritual teacher.

Any preacher who claims yet cannot convince the truth about a certain verse does not qualify to be a spiritual teacher. God usually lead the spiritual teachers through communication with them. A person communicating with God is allowed to claim that he is a spiritual teacher.

Sympathy is a characteristic that should be found in a good spiritual teacher. Many are the times that individual go to church to look for support. Necessary attention, as well as assistance, should be given to these individuals by the spiritual readers. Words that hurt individuals should not come from a good spiritual teachers. No matter the situation of an individual; a spiritual teacher should avoid talking anything ill.

Competing for followers should not be a case in a good spiritual teacher. Remember if you are a genuine preacher, you will get many followers even without going for them. A spiritual teacher who whose wish is to see individuals following the way of Christ should not ask for money.

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