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The High Impacts of CEREC Technology

Currently there are many more solutions to dental problems than there was before. Pain is a thing of the past and dental examinations have become more accurate credits to the new technology used in dental care. Ceramic reconstruction is one of the equipment that has revolutionized dental care making it possible to produce dental crowns ,onlays, veneers and inlays.

Ceramic restorations happen right at the treatment point hence the term chair side. The convenience here comes in by the fact that the dentist is in a position to attend to minor issues that may come to cause discomfort to the patient as a result of the procedure. CEREC procedures combine different technologies to come up with solutions for a patient , the technologies include visible light scanning, radiographs and CT scans , computer aided designs ,3D imaging and use of CNC milling to manufacture and printing of three dimension images .

All these steps however are not possible without an intraoral camera which is an image acquisition , a designing software and finally a 3D printer to deliver a restoration. Since not all dentist are equipped with all the units of the CEREC procedure, a dentist can use an intraoral camera to acquire the images and transmit the 3D designs to a printing lab through a portal and from there have the restorations made. Other materials used in restoration other than ceramic might take longer to construct and implant but with CEREC technology one only needs a single appointment and it’s done. Ceramic compared to metals has a more biocompatible aspect and has tooth like aesthetic qualities.

The development of the process has an added benefit of doing away with countless follow ups and occlusion adjustments. CEREC inlays have a lifespan of ten years and this computer milled productions are long-lasting compared to those of gold. CEREC restorations have recorded a success rate ninety five percent for a period of nine years and this means earning the trust of patients who are seeking options for their dental problems.

To be honest not many appreciate frequenting the dentist , the trips cost money and booking the appointments too, same day crown restorations means one trip, hence spending less. Allergies make some people have some chills, metals make some certain people suffer allergies meaning that some people cannot have restorations from metals, CEREC restorations on the other hand are safe. To avoid your skull taking the full effect of cutting, drilling and grinding, the imaging that comes with CEREC technology produces accurate restoration meaning there will be less or no cutting at all

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