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Applications To Help One Get Sober

If one is addicted to any drugs, it can be tough to come around and have a normal life but if one is dedicated, there will be nothing impossible. Without the right team by your side, recovering would be tough, and that is why one should look for those individuals who are willing to walk down this road with you, mo. matter how tough it gets. What has made it easier for addicts recovering in this era is the availability of a recovery friend whom one can carry around anytime.

A Pocket Rehabilitation Tool

Allows the users to connect with one another and discuss some of the issues they or random information which could be accessed anytime needed. People can discuss real problems facing the world without having to know the individual one is communicating with and one also has a chance of asking questions and getting anonymous responses.

Sobertool Application

If one wants to record the days they have been sober, the application makes the work easier by doing it for you as the messages on it also are a way of keeping people on the right path. The application will only record your clean days but also give individuals a platform to share their fears and come up with solutions.


If one wants to see their sobriety level in all aspects, Nomo is that tool, and the clock can be sued by other people too, who could be struggling with similar issues. When an individual has the right system to assist in tracking their sober days, they can still be encouraged and see that their energy is being invested in a good course.

Rtribe Mobile App

When one is looking for therapist or people to talk to online this might be the right tool for you since there will be experts and a great way to provide healing and support to these individuals who need the services. If you want to talk on video or a voice call, this tool would be the best because there is always someone online willing to talk to you and give the necessary solution.

Having Sober Grid Recovery App In Your Phone

If one wants to get a list of sober people within your area, which is also a nice way of tracking your recovery process and one can make new friends during the transitioning period. Such an application will be the best way of getting interpreted back to the society and finding new friends which will make the transitioning process easy and quick.